it really should be a word, productivity is a word... so unproductivity, you just wait it's coming to a webster near you. It is the only word that begins to define my time at home thus far.

I have read two novels:
There's No Place Like Here, by Cecilia Ahern (the author of P.S. I love you). A sweet and charming story, easy to read, and it almost made me cry.
The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Aston, a way to indulge in my Jane Austen period fantasies.

I have watched movie upon movie:
Knocked Up, worst movie of the year award.
Live Free Die Hard, "you have no idea who I am or what I am capable of"
Prince Caspian, I say better than the first except for the Regina Spektor song at the end, weird.
Astronaut Farmer, sweet but I would never watch it again, Billy Bob Thorton is hard to look at
Little Giants, a classic
In the Land of Women, better than I thought it would be
The Holiday, it was on a movie channel and I couldn't resist

and TV show upon TV show:
American Idol, congrats David Cook!
Grey's Anatomy, It's a soap opera I've decided, and I'm gonna watch it.
One Tree Hill, don't ask why
Regis and Kelly, my best friends. I just love them!
So You Think You Can Dance, It's back
LOST, it's gettin' crazy
Wildfire, who knew that show was still on
The Bachelorette, who knows if it will stick
Gilmore Girls, I haven't finish the 7th season yet

and the list goes on.

So if you're wondering what I have been up to...nothing productive. I have indulged in mediocre entertainment for the past week.


Dannae said...

You are ridiculous... and I love it!!! I will miss it beyond words!