damage...all around.

Day camp is in full swing and our first large field trip was last week. Universal Studios! The trip was fun, with a musically entertaining bus ride, my new red accessories, and an up close and personal look at the fire damage to Universal Studio's back lot, until...the Simpson's ride.

In line I decided to take a sip of my Propel. I failed to close the cap entirely and threw it in my backpack. A few minutes later I noticed something dripping on my crocs. AHHHHHH. I spastically start handing everything that was in my backpack to my confused campers who are too busy watching the lame Simpson's episode in line, and I notice that half the bottle of propel has leaked into my backpack, filling up a good 2 inches. Everything seems to be fine, my camera was in its case and untouched, my wallet has a little bit of damage (but money dries), my phone was in my pocket and safe, and then I notice that my iPod is completely soaked. It doesn't turn on. It's dead.

Throughout the rest of the line my mind is preoccupied on my dead iPod and I don't even understand what Bart is trying to say. We finally enter the actual ride, which by the way has replaced the oh so loved Back to the Future ride, so I already have a bad attitude. It starts and it is a simulation ride, so the car is jolting me front and back and side to side, while a screen (surrounding every part of my peripheral vision) displays an entirely too fast and too colorful video of a ride gone wrong in Krustyland. Half way through the ride I had to close my eyes and look down, afraid I was going to puke just as the little baby who's mouth we had entered into seconds earlier.

All to say, the rest of the day I walked around with a sticky and wet backpack, a dead iPod, and a nauseated stomach.

Day Camp...bring on the fun!


Go Green! or something like that...

I gave in. I got Crocs.

And I am going to rationalize for my self and for you:

-I am doing summer day camp and I need closed toe shoes...and I don't want tennis shoes
-They are lightweight and comfortable. perfect for my summer job
-They are the recycled ones and part of the soles united program...go green!
-They aren't an obnoxious color...they're khaki
-They are cheaper than rainbows

and I'm out of rationalizations....but don't judge me, you wish you were having a lightweight, comfy, carefree summer!


I got glasses and contacts!! It was a little rough in the beginning...the whole touching my eye thing was hard, but I got the hang of it and now I can put those puppies in and take them out on the first try! It was all worth it because now I can officially see the street signs before I pass them. I can see the definition of the leaves on the trees. I can sit on the couch and read the tv guide from where I'm sitting. I can read subtitles. I can see! You know this whole glasses contacts thing is revolutionary.


a pleasant surprise

Penelope...the most underrated movie of the year.

I went to the dollar theater today with katie (which is now the two dollar theater...stupid inflation) and we enjoyed an old fashioned double feature, of Penelope and 21. Our original plan was to only see 21, but we didn't have anything else to do.

21 was an "okay" movie, slow in parts, above my head in math (I am an English major), and very nerve wracking.

but....Penelope was a pleasant surprise. I loved every part of it. I cried and laughed. I was angry, sad, and happy. I experienced very emotion throughout the movie. I had never even heard of it, but I loved it! I don't want to give anything away, so i'll stop here...but I believe that everyone should see it!