damage...all around.

Day camp is in full swing and our first large field trip was last week. Universal Studios! The trip was fun, with a musically entertaining bus ride, my new red accessories, and an up close and personal look at the fire damage to Universal Studio's back lot, until...the Simpson's ride.

In line I decided to take a sip of my Propel. I failed to close the cap entirely and threw it in my backpack. A few minutes later I noticed something dripping on my crocs. AHHHHHH. I spastically start handing everything that was in my backpack to my confused campers who are too busy watching the lame Simpson's episode in line, and I notice that half the bottle of propel has leaked into my backpack, filling up a good 2 inches. Everything seems to be fine, my camera was in its case and untouched, my wallet has a little bit of damage (but money dries), my phone was in my pocket and safe, and then I notice that my iPod is completely soaked. It doesn't turn on. It's dead.

Throughout the rest of the line my mind is preoccupied on my dead iPod and I don't even understand what Bart is trying to say. We finally enter the actual ride, which by the way has replaced the oh so loved Back to the Future ride, so I already have a bad attitude. It starts and it is a simulation ride, so the car is jolting me front and back and side to side, while a screen (surrounding every part of my peripheral vision) displays an entirely too fast and too colorful video of a ride gone wrong in Krustyland. Half way through the ride I had to close my eyes and look down, afraid I was going to puke just as the little baby who's mouth we had entered into seconds earlier.

All to say, the rest of the day I walked around with a sticky and wet backpack, a dead iPod, and a nauseated stomach.

Day Camp...bring on the fun!