Go Green! or something like that...

I gave in. I got Crocs.

And I am going to rationalize for my self and for you:

-I am doing summer day camp and I need closed toe shoes...and I don't want tennis shoes
-They are lightweight and comfortable. perfect for my summer job
-They are the recycled ones and part of the soles united program...go green!
-They aren't an obnoxious color...they're khaki
-They are cheaper than rainbows

and I'm out of rationalizations....but don't judge me, you wish you were having a lightweight, comfy, carefree summer!


ally said...

you would totally fit in in portland. well, not so much the croc thing but the going green thing. well done. saving the earth one shoe at a time.

i love to read your blog.. as you can see, so keep em coming :)

DesiraƩ Rochelle said...

ONLY because they are recycled will I not judge you. :)
I hope your having fun with your kids this summer! -Des

Dannae said...

Oh Jess... always rationalizing. I miss that about you!

Anonymous said...

You are NOT allowed to wear your khaki crocs with your khaki pants on Saturday. Just wanted to clear that up.