summer days come and summer days go

some are worth while, and some are so-so...here are my worth while memories:
spending many nights at VC with Alaina and Katie
reading Horton Hears a Who at Barnes and Noble after watching the movie at the $ theater
hot dog parties
John Mayer
making cookies and seeing double features with Katie
buenos noches
watching So You Think You Can Dance with my sister and Rachel
"pump up the jam"
singing on the day camp bus....I would list every song, but then my blog would take up the whole page
Jadaen and Alex's bee stings
rock band
oc fair cinnamon rolls
Dark Night
hugging al when she came and visited
fair parking and playing sardines at NMC
being called Nana
getting kicked off of Tower of Terror
Sneaking Sox into Dland
watching independence day on the forth of July
wanting to kill myself at the roller skating rink
Regis and Kelly
being carried around the pool by brandon and dan
eating a sack lunch every day
laughing so hard my stomach hurt

thanks to everyone that made my summer worth while!