claim me.

There is a mysterious high heel boot (with sock and Dr. Scholl's insert) in our apartment. Where did it come from? Who walked away with only one shoe? Why did you leave it?

Our theories:
-The direct tv man that came the day of the finding left the boot and took something else in return (similar to the Life and Death Brigade from Gilmore Girls). But what did he take?
-The boot was thrown into our apartment from the sliding glass door on the balcony (tricky, but with the right angle it could work).
-The boot was left outside of our door and the direct tv man brought it in without mentioning it to us (sneaky).
-One of our friends decided to play a bizarre trick on our apartment, recently named Lady G (for G214).

For now the boot is sitting on top of our tv, as somewhat of a decoration, but more for the purpose of reminding us to lock our doors and to find an owner (because it's creepy). So please claim.