so there is this new thing called yearbookyourself.com. everyone is obsessed with it. out of nowhere people are yearbooking themselves and putting their pictures on facebook. some people have even created albums solely devoted to their own yearbookyourself pictures. even Carlos has dabbled in the yearbookyourself.com fad. I don't know where this craze came from, or who found out about yearbookyourself.com, but it is invading the facebook world. for a long time I stayed away. for a long time I tried to resist uploading my picture and planting my face on some old photo. but I gave in. I had to see what I would look like. but I will never post these pictures on facebook...they shall forever remain here. on my blog.


guilty obsessions...

One Tree Hill.
Gossip Girl.
Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana).
Dawson's Creek.
The Jonas Brothers
Chick Lit.

and more to come I'm sure.


Give Thanks

I have never found myself as joyful as I am now. I am truly blessed by the relationships that I have. I am able to be real with every one of my friends. I find that I have changed so much since freshman year, where I felt like I had to walk around on eggshells just to have friends, and now I have true friends. I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with a true sense of friendship and community. How often do these kind of relationships come along? I can only be thankful that for this period of my life I am given the opportunity to have true community where I can be completely real. I will not take it for granted.


a posed question

one of my girls asked me why I blogged...and I said, "because it's fun." Yep that's about it. It's fun and why not?


if only...

If it were socially acceptable I would...
never shave my legs

If I didn't own a mirror I would...
never pluck my eyebrows

If no one wore nail polish I would...
not paint my toes random colors

If I didn't pay thousands I would...
never wear my retainers

If Alaina didn't tell me that my feet were calloused I would...
never have used a pumas stone

If no one else wore earrings I would...
not stick those foreign objects in my ears

If I weren't in choir I would...
never wear make-up

If I didn't care about my hair I would...
never brush it

oh the things we do for beauty (and others).


labor day. no. I say hot dog day.

I love nothing more than a hot dog party. I mean who doesn't love a good hot dog. That's why I love labor day. I mean, I understand that we have labor day to honor all of our laborers and give them a break, but for me labor day is a time to eat hot dogs...so I did, I had two. And I loved it. Anyone that reads this should join me in a hot dog party sometime, because I love hot dogs.

that's all