times they are a changin.

So I went to a Hanson concert Saturday night....you know mmmbop Hanson. Well their fans used to be cute girls who loved a catchy tune...maybe a little bit obsessive, but everyone was a little obsessive during the boy band era. Well the crowd at the concert was out of control. Hanson fans are now 21 and older and able to drink.

Two blond girls were in front of us bouncing up and down the entire time, with hair in our business. One of the bouncing blonds had a huge purse that kept hitting one of my girls in the stomach. The other bouncing blond got in a pushing war with another one of my girls. Courtney says... "No one does that!"

Behind me was a wasted couple that were pretty much humping each other the entire time, except for when he would lift the girl up in the air. Her boobs, her knees, her hands, her whole body was pushing me and running into me for the entire show. The glare over the shoulder does not work with drunk people.

Some ladies to the left of us decided that it was their mission to guard the center of the floor so that no one could push their way through. They linked arms and planted their feet (these were not tiny women). If you left to get a drink or go to the bathroom there was no way of getting back in. These were the same women that knew every song to every Hanson song.

There was also the lady in the back of the venue that when Matt Wertz was opening she yelled "Get the f*** off the stage...we want Hanson!" Matt just said "well someone's angry," and the crowd continued to cheer and clap louder to make up for the yet again, drunk Hanson fan.

There were also some lighters and cell phones, awkward dancing fans, and the boyfriends that were dragged to a Hanson concert that stood with their arms crossed the entire time. But overall it was a great time after I recovered from the 3 hours of sleep and the aching feet.


Knock On Wood said...

hanson! I'm so jealous. I bet the music was great, despite all of the obnoxious fans.

Lauren said...

oh the days of hanson, some people need to move on in life...hahaha