I'm with the stores on this one.

yesterday I bought two peppermint mocha coffeemates. Christmas is coming.

I believe that the day after Halloween is the beginning of the Christmas season. I know...you may say, "it's too early" or "Christmas season doesn't start until after Thanksgiving." Well I beg to differ.

I used to think like you about 4 years ago, but when I came to Vanguard I found it essential to start the season early. Why? Because our Christmas break starts only two weeks after Thanksgiving, and that, I dare to say is not a long enough time to celebrate Christmas with all of my closest friends.

All to say, I want to celebrate the Christmas season with you, now, as long as I have you: Christmas music, peppermint mochas, White Christmas, and all. Please do not deprive me of my Christmas Joy!


Knock On Wood said...

white Christmas! i love it!