remember the time...

when we used to run around in the parking lot singing "you've lost that loving feeling."
when we would stay up laughing (and yelling out the window) until 2 in the morn.
when we would sleep in until noon.
when we went to golden spoon (instead of yogurtland) everyday.
when we went to Rob and Perry's starbucks because there wasn't a starbucks across the street.
when we played solitaire showdown.
when we were all in choir.
when we could steal each other's music on mytunes.
when we watched the o.c. every week.
when we used to do the other sister voice.
when we hung out on 5th floor of huntington.
when we would sing in the stairwell
when we watched the first 4 seasons of 24.

we had a great first year...now let's have a great last one!

(feel free to add your own remember the times...)